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Get Affordable Modular Cooling

Need one room, your basement, or a particular segment of your home cooled better? Want the convenience of non-window air conditioning, but can't install central air?


A mini-split ductless system is your affordable, convenient answer! A mini-split system provides central air-quality cooling where you need it most, without the hassle of large window units, or the costly expense of actually installing central air!

Quality cooling, leading manufacturers

With household names like Fujitsu, Panasonic, and LG developing mini-split ductless air conditioning for decades, you get a refined system that's quiet, powerful, energy-efficient, and requires little maintenance!

Quick installations, easy set-up

Mini-split systems require no duct work installations, and are easily installed in just a few hours. You'll get immediate relief from sweltering indoor heat, provided by a compact unit. Because your mini-split system's condenser is outside, you'll enjoy quiet operation, too!

Enjoy a discreet, powerful cooling solution for any area of your home. A mini-split system is more affordable than central air, while providing the same quality cooling!

Trust All-Tech HVAC Services LLC to provide you with only quality mini-split air conditioning:



Get better air quality with a mini-split

Your mini-split system operates using an indoor air handler and evaporator. This provides the benefit of soothing air flow and regulated air quality with powerful filtration!

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